Draft: US, National Covid-19 Decontamination Plan

Draft: US, International Economy Covid-19 Decontamination Plan

A US Covid-19 Decontamination plan is here set-forth for consideration that outlines a phased reopening of the US economy in a manner that places public health and safety as acute priority while simultaneously conducting national and or state decontamination activities deemed most pursuant to achieving the return to pre-pandemic economic normalcy.

The National/ State Covid-19 Decontamination Plan is divided into three segments for Federal and or State consideration- media, ground and air.

Phase 1: Media

* Public Countdown Announcement

A public countdown announcement pertaining to the full reopening of the nation and or state; involving celebrities and or other prominent persons voicing persuasions concerning forward looking economic activities example) autonomous highways and orother infrastructure plans.

Phase II: Ground

The gathering of decontamination task force from the most affected counties and cities to create a national, international decontamination task force to simultaneously decontaminate the following over a seven to ten day period utilizing a 24 hour schedule;

A. Airports

Transit stations, subways (NY Subway)

B. Federal Buildings

C. Public Schools/ Universities

D. Large office buildings

E. Stadiums, theatres, locations of mass public gatherings

It is suggested that smaller offices and businesses be directed to self disinfect locations as precondition to full reopening, not least of including locational air.

It is suggested that all business locations that are open to the public or that maintain an employee count in excess of one be required to conduct full location disinfecting, including the air; on a quarterly basis.

Phase III


* Utilize airforce or other capable mechanism to conduct coordinated "flyover" campains to decontaminate and or disinfect the atmoshere of targeted counties, cities and or impacted area.

As part of reopening; face covering requirements would remain in place a timeframe suggested by leading health establishments

* County by county or city by city the above mentioned activities are suggested to occur simultaneously to achieve maximum effectiveness and or organization.


While it must be aknowledged that few national pandemic solutions could be considered absolute, it is believed that the implementation of the above plan has the greatest plausability for swift and effective return to national economic normalcy with a sufficiently adequate measure of active consideration proportionately applied to public safety.

Financial considerations

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